Sherry Cothran is a pastor/preacher, writer and musician  that merges fields of religion, spirituality and culture. Cothran was known in the rock world as the lead singer of The Evinrudes, the late 90’s popular rock band whose single, “Drive Me Home,” climbed pop/rock charts to number one in the southeast. She has shared the stage with […]

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Why The Election Is Making So Many Women Sick


Like so many women, I can’t watch a presidential debate or news surrounding the election without feeling sick. On the feeling wheel, they call this feeling shame, but that seems off somehow. It feels like a jagged stake or a dagger, five thousand butterflies with teeth, a nightmare going on in the belly.

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Trump & the Trickster: What Do We Really Believe About Women?

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Originally posted on Sherry Cothran:
Trickster figures are stock characters appearing in myths and stories from all over the world. Like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the trickster moves across traditional boundary lines, causing chaotic events to unfold by exposing what is hidden, often through reprehensible behavior. Trickster figures can appear in real…

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You Matter: Loving Your Dream Into The World


One of the main challenges to connecting with our authentic self in the world is that we all seem to be swimming in a stew of constant criticism and it’s confusing as to what we’re supposed to be. We live in a culture in which most people do not feel truly valued, have few intimate friendships and lack the support systems needed to cultivate the kind of trust and love it takes to mine the voice within.

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How Do You Get Pointed In The Right Direction? Ask the Foxes.


When he is pointed in the right direction, the fox catches its prey 73% of the time, otherwise, the odds are around 18%. Just like this fox, if we want to find our purpose in this life, we also must be pointed in the right direction and be willing to take the leaps and accept the failures that occur along the way.

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Healing Collective Trauma: The Fear Wound In Us All

Between Waxahachie and HIllsboro, Texas, fields of sunflowers grow in June as far as the eye can see. Among Texas Wildflowers, these golden blooms are some of the most colorful. This wildflower picture was taken in the afternoon. I returned here two more times - both in the evenings, to photograph this sunflower field as sunset.

Just as collective trauma is contagious, so is collective healing. Our journey inward to sit with pain, to bring it before the Divine Light and risk loving love into being is the pathway to overcoming fear in our ourselves and in our world.

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